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Sep 2016
Sep 12 2016 06:59
what is the best way to store data to flash memory so that it can be retrieved later
Sep 12 2016 07:51
i think my issue is solved. I removed a big chunk of useless code and suddenly everything falls on track
@hreintke is there any code size limit ? should rom0 not exceed any number? Which memory blocks are used to file system? Can you please tell me some best practises
Sep 12 2016 08:41
@hreintke I tested your latest commit. No luck! However I suspected the removal of IRAM_ATTR - so I put that back into the header "timer.h" and now Basic_rBoot works again for me. I am using SDK 1.4.0 c599790 if that is of any interest.
at that line I get
open errno -10004
write errno -10010
#define SPIFFS_ERR_DELETED              -10004
#define SPIFFS_ERR_BAD_DESCRIPTOR       -10010
Can anyone have a look?
Sep 12 2016 14:51
What is the maximum frequency that we can use in HardwarePWM?
Sep 12 2016 19:43
As I mentioned before, that shows there are spiffs fs issues.
Do you get a "OK" result from mount ? Did you try reflashing fs ?
Piotr Dobrowolski
Sep 12 2016 22:16
[a little offtopic] huh, i'm amazed LIGHT_SLEEP_T pretty much Just Works™ (at least on pure nonos SDK, haven't tried it on Sming yet) and it actually stays somewhere around 1mA when reporting RTC over UDP every 10 seconds...