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Sep 2016
Daniel Pechmann
Sep 16 2016 12:28
wondering how to implement the example Basic_AirUpdate with mine app
in example:
airUpdater.addItem(0x0000, "");
airUpdater.addItem(0x9000, "");
but my app is generating 3 bin files
Daniel Pechmann
Sep 16 2016 12:33
0x00000.bin 36,9kB, 0x09000.bin 291,4 kB and spiff_rom.bin with 196,6kB
Sep 16 2016 12:37

There is PR Sming#596 with the ssl code. Not finished that is why is it not merged.

@hreintke @Informatic It is actually finished since quite some time and gathering dust. In the recent days I added also support for axTLS 2.0.0 and will add new improvements related to TLS extension handling.

Sep 16 2016 17:30
hello, I will submit an issue (or PR) for this but can't as I'm busy right now. it seems there's a memory leak of 184 bytes in TcpConnection
it manifests itself by simply creating a TcpClient and then deleting it right after, without doing anything with it
I think it's because tcp_new is called but then on the TcpConnection destructor, close() doesn't delete tcp, because autoSelfDestruct is false (I'm creating the TcpClient with the parameter set to false)
it seems quite odd to me that deleting the TcpConnection won't free all the resources unless "self-destruction" is enabled
Sep 16 2016 17:38
in fact, even if self-destruction is enabled, it seems checkSelfFree never deletes, because ~TcpConnection sets autoSelfDestruct to false
Sep 16 2016 17:51
ugh, I'm really confused. much of what I said makes no sense. It seems that when TcpConnection::close() is called, the lwip part of the TCP connection is only meant to be freed on the next callback - but that never happens because the connection is not even used, I'm creating a TCP client and doing nothing with it