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Sep 2016
Sep 17 2016 08:58
@gbl08ma :
Agree that the tcpconnection code is not very structured and clear. Has been in Sming from the start (not complaining but before my activities). On closure there is indeed the freeing of lwip in the next callback. That is the way how raw lwip is handling correct closure on tcp level.
But indeed there looks like an issue when "just create and delete the object"
Need to go deeper in, if you can help would be great.
Sep 17 2016 09:08
@dpechman :
The spiffs_rom contains a Spiffs FS, created at build time with the contents of the "web" subdirectory of the project. As that non-existing here the FS will hold no files. This FS can/should be updated to the esp too.
Suggest you move to SmingRTOS, there is no Basic_Updater as use rBoot for firmware updates.
Take basic_rboot as the start, that has firmware update and spiffs usage/flashing
Sep 17 2016 09:17
@alonewolfx2 :
FTP upload in included. See rBoot_generic example
If you see issue, let me know.
@slaff :
Don't know exactly but from my memory there were some open issues.
Anyway, If you create a working PR for SmingRTOS I can merge there.