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Sep 2016
Sep 27 2016 05:29
@SkySparky @hreintke isen right.
@slaff are You planning to ssl port for smingrtos?
İt could be very Goodyear
Sep 27 2016 09:12

are You planning to ssl port for smingrtos?

@alonewolfx2 If someone is willing to help (testing, issue reporting, patches) and the PR is not waiting in the dust bin forever then the answer is - yes

Since axTLS and Lwirax ( are relatively easy to port from NONOS to FreeRTOS it should work nicely.
Sep 27 2016 15:32
who can share license for this SDK ?
Sep 27 2016 21:13
@commanderz :
This forum should not be the place to request for/exchange licenses.
Sep 27 2016 23:08
@alonewolfx2 @hreintke Thank you. SPIFFS joined. The error was really SPI_SIZE name and value. And as I reinstalled MinGW.