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Oct 2016
Oct 01 2016 06:36
@dpechman : For SmingRTOS
Not 100% sure but I think the SNMP option is not set within the supplied SDK.
However, the lwip source is available so can be switched on. For early bugfixing when converting SmongNONOS to SmingRTOS I used this "local lwip"
@psychegr :
Yes, I have the plan to have SmingRTOS supporting ESP32.
Oct 01 2016 07:41
my esp starts working only after preseing reset button or starting the Serial monitor. doesnt work if just powered by usb.
Why is this so
Daniel Pechmann
Oct 01 2016 13:29
Yes @hreintke, I have checked it at the sources, this is why I ask for. But I'm still confused with this new Sming RTOS and how to check and keep updated with the SDK. So many flavors! Back to SNMP, I am trying to port this arduino lib to Sming