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Oct 2016
Mustafa Fayez
Oct 10 2016 17:44
@hreintke I am a newbie to sming but i did some projects on the esp8266, my question is what is the difference between developing using espressif sdk and sming ( i mean in performance)? I am using this chip for a product and performance is the most important factor, so i chose to develop native. but which i should choose sming or the official sdk ? I know you have many good features , but i am talking about performance.. is there any difference in performance? thank you
Oct 10 2016 21:06
@MustafaFayez :
Sming is based on the official SDK and Sming network is based on the LWIP layer from the SDK.
Sming does not any default processing. Don't know whether there is difference using c++ (Sming) instead of c (Native).
My conclusion : Performance of Sming should not be different than developing "native".
@All : Any other opinions/experience ?
Skurydin Alexey
Oct 10 2016 22:19
@MustafaFayez , because Sming completely based on SDK code you shouldn't face any real difference. Moreover, if something, just potentially, willn't work fast enough, you can use SDK calls for that places and usual Sming functionality for all other features in same tone.