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Oct 2016
Oct 11 2016 08:00
I'm about to start a small one-off home project based on an ESP8266 but I'm unsure if I should base it on Sming or Sming RTOS. Are both projects still actively developed? Or is Sming RTOS more of a successor? What do you recommend? My requirements are quite simple:
  • GPIO output and I2C
  • OTA update
Mustafa Fayez
Oct 11 2016 12:02
@hreintke @anakod: ok, I got the point but @hreintke says Sming is based on the official SDK although when installing Sming on ubuntu, I cloned esp-open-sdk. Forgive my ignorance but is esp-open-sdk the official SDK from Espressif?
Oct 11 2016 12:41
hi, i cant install
make: * No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
how to fix?
Rename ESP8266_SDK to ESP8266_SDK_150
Rename ESP8266_SDK_130 to ESP8266_SDK -
Does not help
Oct 11 2016 13:54
how to download the firmware in the esp?
Oct 11 2016 20:32
@tht I would suggest to go with Sming RTOS. Ive read elsewhere that SmingRTOS is what you will need if you want to use the ESP32 chip. I didnt find it super easy to get to the point where I could build stuff, but did manage it in the end. I have been using the same set of tools as you intend to do: mqtt, rboot and oled screens etc. rboot/ota is a bit tricky, leave that till you have more experience.
Oct 11 2016 21:40
@tht :
Go for SmingRTOS. That is the only where active updates will go.
It already has more functionality than Sming which will not be backported.

@MustafaFayez :
esp-open-sdk has two components :

  • Toolchain : compiler and other tools
  • SDK : The official Espressif SDK (NONOS version)

When using SmingRTOS, you can use the toolchain from open-sdk and the Espressif RTOS SDK