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Oct 2016
Oct 13 2016 21:01
I've spent some hours on it but this seem to be a working installation-tutorial for macOS. Maybe it helps someone else:

# Prepare path
mkdir ~/SmingRTOS

# Installation esp-open-sdk
mkdir ~/SmingRTOS/esp-open-sdk
sudo hdiutil create ~/SmingRTOS/case-sensitive.dmg -volname "case-sensitive" -size 10g -fs "Case-sensitive HFS+"
sudo hdiutil mount ~/SmingRTOS/case-sensitive.dmg
cd /Volumes/case-sensitive
git clone --recursive
cd esp-open-sdk
brew install help2man
cp -r xtensa-lx106-elf ~/SmingRTOS/esp-open-sdk/
cd ~/SmingRTOS
sudo diskutil unmount /Volumes/case-sensitive

# ESO8266 RTOS SDK (SmingRTOS samples don’t compile with 1.3.x!)
cd ~/SmingRTOS
git clone

# Install SmingRTOS
cd ~/SmingRTOS
git clone
cd ~/SmingRTOS/SmingRTOS/sming/
export SMING_HOME=~/SmingRTOS/SmingRTOS/sming/
export ESP_HOME=~/SmingRTOS/esp-open-sdk/
export SDK_BASE=~/SmingRTOS/ESP8266_RTOS_SDK
cd ~/SmingRTOS/SmingRTOS/sming/spiffy/

# Test with an example program
cd ~/SmingRTOS/SmingRTOS/samples/HttpServer_WebSockets/

# Clean up some space
rm ~/SmingRTOS/case-sensitive.dmg
On you specifically ask for Espressif RTOS_SDK 1.3.0. I've tried with this one first but it gave me some linker errors while compiling later on. Using the latest RTOS_SDK (as of today) seems to work.
These are the linker errors I've seen when using RTOS_SDK (branch 1.3.x):
Basic_Serial thomas$ make
C+ app/application.cpp
AR out/build/app_app.a
LD out/build/app.out
/Users/thomas/SmingRTOS/ESP8266_RTOS_SDK/lib/libmain.a(app_main.o): In function `user_init_task':
(.irom0.text+0x580): undefined reference to `user_rf_cal_sector_set'
/Users/thomas/SmingRTOS/ESP8266_RTOS_SDK/lib/libmain.a(app_main.o): In function `flash_data_check':
(.irom0.text+0x655): undefined reference to `user_rf_cal_sector_set'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [out/build/app.out] Error 1
But the issue disappears as soon as I switch from branch 1.3.x to "master". I don't know for sure but it looks like the documentation on the homepage is outdated.
Oct 13 2016 21:25
OTA update is working with SmingRTOS too! Thanks for this great work.
One small issue…
This line should also point to rom0.bin for consistency with the readme.txt.