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Oct 2016
Oct 16 2016 08:17
@frankdownunde :
Compiling your app creates also a file
You can use this for finding the error location.
Take the value of the epc1 (0x4024c3da) and find the line with "The highest value which is lower that the epc1 value". That line contains the function in which the error occurs.
Oct 16 2016 12:38

Anyone here having success with I've bad flickering on this sketch…

I've tried using a level shifter to get the 3.3V signal to 5V levels and I've also tested with DIN (LEDs) directly connected to the LEDs while V_led at about 4.5V. Both variations work flawlessly with a Teens LC but end up having bad flickering on SmingRTOS.

Btw… I've had to #define PIN 15 to get the data out on D8. Maybe I dod something wrong there. I don't know where these numbers come from…
Oct 16 2016 12:47
I clearly see some timing issues on the scope output. Something is interrupting the data output to the LEDs. Too bad… this makes it basically useless there is a way to set the interrupt priorities. It has to be an interrupt issue.
Oct 16 2016 17:46
I've tested some other output pins but it's the same on all of them. Is this sample application broken? I've opened an issue: SmingHub/SmingRTOS#142