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Oct 2016
Oct 20 2016 01:30
@tht Im guessing you have a problem with your include paths. I put those two lines in and they compile OK, no problems. #include <SmingCore.h> is all you need. SMING_HOME I have set to ~/SmingRTOS/sming
Oct 20 2016 09:28
Yeah, there has to be something like this. Strange thing is, this is in the Basic_NeoPixel sample application and SmingCore.h is already included. I assume I've messed something up while switching back and forth between Sming and SmingRTOS. I'll try again later.
Oct 20 2016 13:28
Is there any udp server example in SMING rtos example base?
Oct 20 2016 13:45
I seee: UdpServer_Echo in sming nonos:
but is this ported to RTOS ?
Oct 20 2016 16:28
just found it works also with smingRTOS :)