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Nov 2016
Nov 21 2016 08:02
@laurentppol : Had the same issue when I created the HardwareSerial callback, that is where you can find the workaround.
Within SmingRTOS I created the "QueuedInterrupt", usable for every pin interrupt, which uses RTOS task to execute outside ISR.
Could (probably) easy extendible for HardwareTimer. Can check if you consider using it.
Nov 21 2016 10:24
I will test another approach - currently, woking but very inacurate, I use 10ms (for RTC and keyboard filter) and 500ms SOFT ints. I will move RTC stuff (no call to anything) to IRAM_ATTR HARD int (new), and leave keyboard on soft. Also leave time consuming stuff (LCD, TCP, 1Wire) on 500ms SOFT.
20% inaccuracy I observed with 10ms timer is acceptable for keyboard.