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Nov 2016
Nov 23 2016 17:14
The main Makefile has docs: build target which is running the shell commands (on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines) before it runs the doxygen command (on the 1st line). I am not a Makefile guru. Anyone know why these are run before the first line?
Nov 23 2016 17:35
Don't worry, I have taken out the shell commands and replaced with back ticks. It now works (at least on Ubuntu). I will add to next API docs pull request.
Nov 23 2016 19:38
Hi I'm using Sming non-OS with rBoot and able to updating firmware and spiff using OTA, the question is can we update the bootloader itself OTA? just wondering
Nov 23 2016 20:07
@slaff You are switching CPU frequency, 80/160MHz, what about Timer/HardwareTimer?
[in SSL example]
@iqbaltek "counter-question" what about SECURITY of updating ANYTHING with OTA? Imagine You design a door-lock with ESP... WPA may be hard to pass, but if attcker gains access to wired network? At home You don't see VLANs for separation...
Nov 23 2016 20:14
@/all as (probably) Sming/ESP will gain popularity to design IOT, IMO security should major concern...
@slaff another question: in axTLS lib some crypto algorithms implementations doesn't double (already present) WiFi/WPA lib?
i'm not an "low-level security" expert