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Dec 2016
Dec 08 2016 08:27
Don't know about others but I do not see it as feasible to keep NONOS and RTOS in sync so stopped supporting that.
My idea was to get SmingRTOS working for both ESP8266 and ESP32, that is now abandoned.
I am converting my apps now to arduino_esp8266 and arduino_esp32, which has been much improving on the "delegate type of working from sming.
Dec 08 2016 08:55
@alonewolfx2 We are heading for a great new version of SmingNONOS and we need help from people like you to test the samples on real devices. Take a look at SmingHub/Sming#800 to see where you can help us.
Dec 08 2016 08:56
@hreintke i'm sorry to hear that .. I also liked the idea of an SmingRTOS for both controller ..