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Dec 2016
Dec 09 2016 10:23
hi @all, I would use the OTA in Sming RTOS, but I only found the example for the NONOS; is the only env. supported ?
Dec 09 2016 10:26
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Dec 09 2016 12:38
@hreintke i like one environment for both esp32-esp8266 too and it seems it will not be with sming. i am sorry to hear that.
Dec 09 2016 14:20
@teicors OTA work in SmingRTOS without problem
Dec 09 2016 14:56
@zhivko @teicors :
Maybe it is terminology. There is a HttpFirmwareUpdate within NONOS. That is not converted to SmingRTOS.
The rBootHttpUpdate is converted. Reasoning was that I wanted to move to one single implementation of OTA.
All OTA related functionality (httpUpdate, rBoot generic class, FTP upload,..) is based on rBoot.
Dec 09 2016 15:12
@alonewolfx2 @HappyCodingRobot :
I understand but that's how it is for now.
Cannot/Will not support a separate Sming version on my own.
Putting some of the sming functionality which I use into a ArduinoESP lib, for other I convert to use available libs/core functionality.