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Jan 2017
Jan 19 2017 11:21
how is I2C implemented on Sming? by hardware or by software?
can I have 2 I2C busses?
Curtis Pope
Jan 19 2017 14:27
hey guys, does anyone know the max SPIFF_SIZE for a ESP-12E with 4MB of flash?
I'm thinking 999999 is a good number, but dont' want to overrun it
Jan 19 2017 16:21

Did you plan to merge #682 - HTTPServer Basic Auth and #503 HTTPClient REST support requests

@rosiste We will probably reuse the PRs to create a more consistent version of them so that the code is still maintainable.

Jaroslav Vacha
Jan 19 2017 16:44
@slaff Great news. Thanks!