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Jan 2017
Jan 22 2017 00:31
Ahh, it timed out. It then refers to a log file that does not exist :-/
esp8266-udk v2.0.9
esp8266-udk package files install completed. Performing other installation steps
Chocolatey timed out waiting for the command to finish. The timeout
specified (or the default value) was '2700' seconds. Perhaps try a
higher --execution-timeout? See choco -h for details.
The install of esp8266-udk was NOT successful.
Error while running 'C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\esp8266-udk\tools\chocolateyI
See log for details.
Jan 22 2017 19:53
FYI for my question this seemed to help. Now to test it. I'll try to remember to confirm here if that did the trick. SmingHub/Sming#773
Jan 22 2017 22:21
I can't tell if that worked. The first step instructions say "Open Eclipse via 'Sming Examples' Desktop link" but I have no such link :-/ I also see "Open Eclipse, Find SmingFramework project" but I have no projects :-/
Tried compiling under my Linux VM which fails on the make for crosstool-NG. It's trying to retrieve gmp-6.0.0a and failing to resolve but I can open that in the Linux VM's browser. So I don't know.