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Jan 2017
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 13:45
@slaff Hello! Recent changes to Sming/system/include/espinc/uart.h broke ability to build sming-based software under esp-alt-sdk, by removing #include <stdint.h> on line 25 I resolve this problem
Jan 27 2017 13:46
Open an issue and paste the information there + send PR.
I will take a look later at the issue.
Jan 27 2017 14:21

... broke ability to build sming-based software under esp-alt-sdk ...

@avr39-ripe On the other hand why are all travis tests passing? We use esp-alt-sdk there. I work with esp-open-sdk and test additionally with UDK 1.5 on Windows. And it seems to compile nicely.

Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 14:25
@slaff here is the error:
CC /usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/Sming/Sming/third-party/rboot/appcode/rboot-api.c
In file included from /usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/esp-open-sdk/xtensa-lx106-elf.good/lib/gcc/xtensa-lx106-elf/5.1.0/include/stdint.h:9:0,
                 from /usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/Sming/Sming/system/include/espinc/uart.h:25,
                 from /usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/Sming/Sming/system/include/esp_systemapi.h:13,
                 from /usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/Sming/Sming/system/include/rboot-integration.h:11,
                 from /usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/Sming/Sming/third-party/rboot/appcode/rboot-api.c:22:
/usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/esp-open-sdk/xtensa-lx106-elf.good/xtensa-lx106-elf/include/stdint.h:80:20: error: conflicting types for 'int32_t'
 typedef signed int int32_t;
Jan 27 2017 14:26
Ok, you have newer GCC - v 5.1.0. If that the freebsd machine with the toolchain that you gave me?
I can test also there?
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 14:26
this is while I try compile my app.. just commenting out #include <stdint.h> in uart.h solves it
yes it is the same machine
Jan 27 2017 14:27
Ok... let me see if I can reproduce the issue, meanwhile put this as PR and in the description add the error message that you got
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 14:29
one more thing, do not know how to make prope PR.. this time it for compiling OPEN_LWIP... I add additional include dir to whith you patch.. so do not know how do I get orig file..
just adding -I$(ESP_HOME)/sdk/include/ to CFLAGS = ... of in Sming/third-party/esp-open-lwip solves compilation with esp-alt-sdk
Jan 27 2017 14:32

.. do not know how do I get orig file ...

cd $SMING_HOME/third-party/esp-open-lwip

git status
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 14:33
@slaff may be you can just add additional line to patch?
Jan 27 2017 14:36
FreeBSD with that compiler
vagrant@freebsd-current:~/dev/Sming/Sming % xtensa-lx106-elf-gcc -v
Using built-in specs.
Target: xtensa-lx106-elf
Configured with: ../configure -q --prefix=/usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/esp-alt-sdk/xtensa-lx106-elf --target=xtensa-lx106-elf --enable-multilib --disable-nls --disable-shared --disable-threads --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --with-gmp=/usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/esp-alt-sdk/build/gmp --with-mpfr=/usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/esp-alt-sdk/build/mpfr --with-mpc=/usr/home/shurik/src/esp8266/esp-alt-sdk/build/mpc --enable-languages=c,c++ --with-newlib --disable-libssp --disable-__cxa_atexit --build= --host= --silent
Thread model: single
gcc version 5.1.0 (GCC)
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 14:37
@slaff yes
Jan 27 2017 14:37
And the latest code compiles like charm. No issues related to uart.h.
vagrant@freebsd-current:~/dev/Sming/Sming % gmake 
Fetching third-party/spiffs/ ...
Submodule 'Sming/third-party/spiffs' ( registered for path 'Sming/Sming/third-party/spiffs'
Cloning into '/home/vagrant/dev/Sming/Sming/third-party/spiffs'...
Submodule path 'third-party/spiffs': checked out '21fe570974103f71cf7ff02f9888c77746fbc66d'
fatal: unrecognized input
gmake: [Makefile:387: third-party/spiffs/makefile] Error 128 (ignored)
gmake[1]: Entering directory '/home/vagrant/dev/Sming/Sming'
AS system/irq_check.s
AS gdb/gdbstub-entry.s
CC system/crash_handler.c
CC system/flashmem.c
CC Services/libemqtt/libemqtt.c
CC Services/SpifFS/spiffs_sming.c
CC Services/FATFS/ff.c
CC Libraries/Adafruit_ILI9341/hspi.c
CC Libraries/Adafruit_GFX/glcdfont.c
CC third-party/spiffs/src/spiffs_hydrogen.c
CC third-party/spiffs/src/spiffs_check.c
CC third-party/spiffs/src/spiffs_nucleus.c
CC third-party/spiffs/src/spiffs_gc.c
CC third-party/spiffs/src/spiffs_cache.c
CC gdb/gdbstub.c
C+ system/m_printf.cpp
C+ system/uart.cpp
C+ system/xt_interrupts.cpp
C+ system/stringconversion.cpp
C+ system/stringutil.cpp
C+ system/esp_cplusplus.cpp
C+ Wiring/FakePgmSpace.cpp
C+ Wiring/WShift.cpp
C+ Wiring/WMath.cpp
C+ Wiring/SplitString.cpp
C+ Wiring/WString.cpp
C+ Wiring/Stream.cpp
C+ Wiring/Print.cpp
C+ Wiring/I2cMaster.cpp
C+ Wiring/IPAddress.cpp
C+ SmingCore/HardwareSerial.cpp
C+ SmingCore/SPI.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Debug.cpp
C+ SmingCore/SystemClock.cpp
C+ SmingCore/DataSourceStream.cpp
C+ SmingCore/SPIBase.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Wire.cpp
C+ SmingCore/HardwarePWM.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Clock.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Interrupts.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Timer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/DriverPWM.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Digital.cpp
C+ SmingCore/ESP8266EX.cpp
C+ SmingCore/FileSystem.cpp
C+ SmingCore/HardwareTimer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/SPISoft.cpp
C+ SmingCore/SPISettings.cpp
C+ appinit/user_main.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/DNSServer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/HttpFirmwareUpdate.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/HttpServerConnection.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/TelnetServer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/FTPServer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/TcpClient.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/MqttClient.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/HttpRequest.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/rBootHttpUpdate.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/TcpConnection.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/HttpResponse.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/URL.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/NtpClient.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/FTPServerConnection.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/HttpServer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/WebSocket.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/HttpClient.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/WebsocketFrame.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/NetUtils.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/WebsocketClient.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/TcpServer.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Network/UdpConnection.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Platform/WifiEvents.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Platform/System.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Platform/AccessPoint.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Platform/Station.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Platform/WDT.cpp
C+ SmingCore/Platform/RTC.cpp
C+ Services/CommandProcessing/CommandExecutor.cpp
C+ Services/CommandProcessing/CommandDelegate.cpp
C+ Services/CommandProcessing/CommandOutput.cpp
C+ Services/CommandProcessing/CommandHandler.cpp
C+ Services/HexDump/HexDump.cpp
C+ Services/cWebsocket/websocket.cpp
C+ Services/ArduinoJson/ArduinoJson.cpp
C+ Services/DateTime/DateTime.cpp
C+ Services/WebHelpers/escape.cpp
C+ Services/WebHelpers/base64.cpp
C+ Libraries/CapacitiveSensor/CapacitiveSensor.cpp
C+ Libraries/APA102/apa102.cpp
C+ Libraries/OneWire/OneWire.cpp
C+ Libraries/MCP23017/MCP23017.cpp
C+ Libraries/SI7021/SI7021.cpp
C+ Libraries/Adafruit_ILI9341/Adafruit_ILI9341.cpp
C+ Libraries/Bounce/Bounce.cpp
C+ Libraries/Adafruit_GFX/Adafruit_GFX.cpp
C+ Libraries/I2Cdev/I2Cdev.cpp
C+ Libraries/Adafruit_NeoPixel/Adafruit_NeoPixel.cpp
C+ Libraries/TFT_ILI9163C/TFT_ILI9163C.cpp
C+ Libraries/ArduCAM/ArduCAM.cpp
C+ Libraries/ArduCAM/ArduCAMStream.cpp
C+ Libraries/Ultrasonic/Ultrasonic.cpp
C+ Libraries/DS3232RTC/DS3232RTC.cpp
C+ Libraries/Mirf/Mirf.cpp
C+ Libraries/DS18S20/ds18s20.cpp
C+ Libraries/Adafruit_SSD1306/Adafruit_SSD1306.cpp
C+ Libraries/RC
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 14:38
Sming itself builds just fine.. try to build some rBoot App
Jan 27 2017 14:38
Ok, good hint...
Jan 27 2017 14:55
uart.h compilation issue under FreeBSD is confirmed. I need to check if the suggested fix works in esp-open-sdk and UDK, and anakod's strange SDK.
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 15:20
@slaff :) most of all "anakods strange SDK" LOL!! :))
Jan 27 2017 15:21
under FreeBSD, Mac and Linux with esp-alt-sdk it works. Also under Windows UDK and Linux esp-open-sdk. So I guess it will enter develop soon.
The PR is here: SmingHub/Sming#904
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 15:24
@slaff and do please fix lwip :)
Jan 27 2017 15:25
For open LWIP - just to add -I$(ESP_HOME)/sdk/include/ to CFLAGS or there was more?
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jan 27 2017 15:26
o, just add additional include to CFLAGS.. nothing more..
And we should mention somewhere that one need to make ENABLE_CUSTOM_LWIP=1 rebuild their APP to actually use openlwip.. even if sming WAS build WITH ENABLE_CUSTOM_LWIP=1
and one more thing.. we should cpnsider to write some targets in Sming's Makefile to rebuild third-party modules..
just thoughts ..
Jan 27 2017 15:33
git fetch origin pull/904/head:fix/freebsd-compilation
git checkout fix/freebsd-compilation
gmake clean samples-clean
rm -rf third-party/esp-open-lwip
rm compiler/lib/liblwip_*.a
rm compiler/lib/libsming*.a
gmake samples

And we should mention somewhere...

That will be added to the Readme ...