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Feb 2017
Feb 05 2017 20:30
@vjacob Make sure to get the latest version from develop. Then do the following:
// Make sure to `begin` the serial session
 Serial.begin(SERIAL_BAUD_RATE); // 115200 by default
// ONLY then you can use GPIO-13 and GPIO-15 with the command below
// make sure to have the following connections
// ESP GPIO-13 RX - > connect with TX on your serial adapter
// ESP GPIO-15 TX -> connect with RX on you serial adapter
// ESP GND -> connect with GND on your serial adapter
An easy test will be to get the Basic_Serial example and add Serial.swap() right that line:
I have tested this on two ESP devices and it works like charm for me.
@vjacob By the way our documentation comments ( and examples are quite useful. Read them the next time you have some doubts.