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Mar 2017
Mar 08 2017 12:13
@/all The latest and greatest Sming v3.1.2 is officially released ( Enjoy!
Bob Thomas
Mar 08 2017 12:31
Good morning
Bob Thomas
Mar 08 2017 13:01
Just started messing with sming and setup a secure mqtt broker and now trying to connect to my broker using the mqtt hello sample but my esp keeps rebooting itself.
Is this a known issue or did I configure it wrong
Mar 08 2017 13:51
@Bob-Thomas first thing to try is make flashinitwhich sets the flash layout correct. Sometimes previous firmware (e.g. preinstalled) may conflict with the Sming layout.
Bob Thomas
Mar 08 2017 13:53
@riban-bw thanks for the reply I will try it when I get home from college
Bob Thomas
Mar 08 2017 18:20
hmm still got the same issue.
Bob Thomas
Mar 08 2017 20:14
nvm fixed my bloody issue XD
had nothing to do with Sming atleast the final part wasn't a sming issue.
My ssl config for mosquitto was not so good :'(