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Mar 2017
Piotr Dobrowolski
Mar 31 2017 17:04 UTC
Have we considered doing CI/testing on some actual hardware?
Curtis Pope
Mar 31 2017 18:58 UTC
@slaff @avr39-ripe I notice we have multiple ways of storing wifi config and then the module also stores the wifi config. Basic_WebSkeletonApp stores the wifi info in a file called .therm.conf, but I can't tell where that is written and I don't think that would survive an rboot OTA update. HttpServer_ConfigNetwork does a similar thing, but also allows you to store static IP information. The rest of our examples as best I can tell either hardcode the settings or save them in the ESP config area. What is our recommended best practice? Basic_WebSkeleton doesn't seem to be using SPIFFS, so where is it saving that file? I must be missing something.
Curtis Pope
Mar 31 2017 20:59 UTC
@/all I also have another problem. I'm working with Basic_WebSkeleton trying to get the new WifiEvents callbacks to work and they don't ever seem to get triggered.
Mar 31 2017 22:26 UTC
@piperpilot I started working on a test harness using a Raspberry Pi connected to an ESP12. The idea is to have a suite of test cases that the RPi runs, connecting to the ESP module, setting conditions and expecting resulting status, e.g. set a GPIO and see a serial message confirming. The RPi would upload test firmwares to the ESP as required to run tests. It is very much a work-in-progress and I haven't had time to look at it for a few weeks. It is sitting on the dek in front of me looking a bit neglected but I intend to return to it soon.