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Apr 2017
Curtis Pope
Apr 01 2017 00:51
great idea @riban-bw I think there are a lot of scenarios that are hard to test without an actual radio
Apr 01 2017 07:05
@piperpilot I also intend to use WiFi (dongle or RPi3) to test network elements. It would be good if we could adopt a TDD process for core development but I understand there is a significant overhead to getting that working, especially in a disparate developer group like this.
Apr 01 2017 07:17
is there any custom firmware for A6 gsm ?
Abhinav Gauniyal
Apr 01 2017 07:50
Please try not to use @/all for asking every other question, I've only subscribed to it's notifications because official updates and stuff are broadcasted on it :)