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Apr 2017
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Apr 02 2017 11:14
@piperpilot WebSkeleton in examples is VERY outdated example by me;) if you have interest I can provide you current variant.. unpolished and bit ugly, but more good than this old crap; ) to wifi config, proper way is to store ssid/pwd is internal sdk provided flash area.. later, I provide some example.. from mobile by now ;)
Curtis Pope
Apr 02 2017 13:49
thanks @avr39-ripe can you store static IP information in the internal flash area too? I notice that even with storing in the file like the webSkeleton file, it still writes to the internal flash area as well, even though you have false specified for the enable function. There might be a bug there, but not exactly sure how it works. I would love to see your unpolished example...I can update the webSkeleton and httpd_confignetwork examples to be the same.