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Apr 2017
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Apr 03 2017 11:32
@piperpilot so here is kind of new wersion It bit more than WebSkeletonApp, but based on the same concepts. IP configuration DO NOT saved in internal sdk flash area, my libs currently do not support setting/saving static IP configuration, it future I plan to add support for it.
Apr 03 2017 11:37
Does anyone know if its possible where to set the WIFI_SSID WIFI_PWD in the make files, so that #ifndef evaluates to fales? Because I'm building from the command line so I can't use eclipse variables (Eclipse on my mac doesn't build and I've too tired to fixed it)
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Apr 03 2017 12:01
@MarsLoop can you use env variables? if so, try to set it as env variable.
Curtis Pope
Apr 03 2017 13:01
Thanks @avr39-ripe I will look through it and ask any questions I find. Looks to be well organized. When you implement static IP, how do you plan on saving that? On the SPIFFS?
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Apr 03 2017 13:03
@piperpilot yes, additional configuration should go to spiffs.. that isn't latest version of libs, latest version have js code separated as well as C code to own modules and build together via webpack :)
this app is generic web enabled temperature sensor. it have its own web interface and can be accessed via http.. will change tempsensors lib to use websockets for even more robustness, but this is to be done.. ;(