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Jul 2017
Jul 10 2017 09:05
@piperpilot The issue with too much heap usage is due to the lack of mforce-l32 in the compiler that was used. Can you try and use compiler generated from esp-open-sdk ?
Curtis Pope
Jul 10 2017 13:11
@slaff I'm pretty sure I use esp-open-sdk and its compiler. I'm on OSX and haven't changed anything. The "connection dropped" issue seems to be the root cause of the server problems. Is that related to heap? @gbl08ma had the same problem with httpd_config_network. Have you been able to reproduce the problem on your end? How can I tell what compiler is being used?
Curtis Pope
Jul 10 2017 17:26
FYI, doesn't look like the esp-alt-sdk has mforce-l32 support. downloading and compiling the esp-open-sdk now