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Jul 2017
Jul 20 2017 20:31
Hi, I'm wondering if there is any better way than callbacks for doing request->response UART communication with another device.
Since there is no yield() I can't really "wait" for the data, so I have to gather all the data in the StreamDataReceivedDelegate and continue there
which makes it really ugly to write APIs for devices
eg. bool loginToDevice(password) becomes void loginToDevice(password, fn *ResponseCallback)
Jul 20 2017 21:30
/** @brief  Clear the serial port receive buffer
      *  @note   All received data is removed from the serial port buffer
void HardwareSerial::flush()
    if(!uart || !uart_tx_enabled(uart)) {

This is certainly wrong? It says clear the receive buffer but actually waits for the tx buffer to empty...