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Jul 2017
Jul 23 2017 14:33
Hi, I'm trying to get sming to work but none of the examples work. They compile fine but write only garbage to the serial interface and do nothing. I'm using the sming master branch (the default dev branch doesn't build) and the most recent version of esp-open-sdk. It's definitely not a hardware fault as non-sming firmware runs just fine. I tried everything I could think of, played around with the makefiles for hours but to no success. Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?
Jul 23 2017 15:36
are you sure you are using the correct baud rate
have you flashed the init firmware, make flashinit I think
Jul 23 2017 15:46
i tried every baudrate supported by picocom
the make flashinit fixed it, thanks.
good that this important step isn't mentioned even a single time anywhere in the "documentation"
Not very usual bug, I think it only happens on ESPs running very old firmware
Jul 23 2017 16:58
Oh, sorry, don't know how I didn't see that. I read the readme, the Linux Quickstart guide and the doxygen API documentation
Jul 23 2017 17:06
I'm using one of those cheap nodemcu dev boards with an esp12 onboard. don't know how old the firmware it originally came with is