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Sep 2017
Sep 22 2017 12:25
Anyone knows how I can use the native library espconn.h of ESP NONOS SDK 2.0.0 inside Sming ?
Sep 22 2017 13:02

Ok I succeed to compile the ESP SDK liblwip.a : (using ENABLE_CUSTOM_LWIP = 0 and ENABLE_ESPCONN = 1 in
Here my :

                              out/build/app_app.a(upload.o) (espconn_connect)

But when I try to user espconn_secure functions, I still have this issue in compilation :

out/build/app_app.a(upload.o):(.text._Z8dns_donePKcP7ip_addrPv+0x18): undefined reference to `espconn_secure_set_size'
out/build/app_app.a(upload.o): In function `dns_done(char const*, ip_addr*, void*)':
/opt/Sming/Sming/SmingCore/Boards.h:18: undefined reference to `espconn_secure_set_size'
Sep 22 2017 14:52
@bbourdel I've made a PR containing an example that can help you send "big" data to a remote server via HTTPS. You can check the PR from here #1247 .
Sep 22 2017 15:51
Oh thanks !
I need to rebuild the whole toolchain and Sming because I got some issues trying to hack them. But as soon as everything fixes, I try your PR.