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Nov 2017
Nov 06 2017 13:33
@/all version 3.4.0 is officially released.
This release contains major changes related to better compatibility with Arduino.


- Arduino compatibility improvements (#1213).
- Library code for some Arduino libraries comes directly from their source repositories (Adafruit_ST7735, Adafruit_SSD1306).
- Added dynamic recalculation of image offsets to prevent rom overlapping (#1208).
- Added Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) support (#1199).
- Ram savings in axTLS (#1255).
- Simplified and improved Http Client and Http Server stream handling (#1247).
- Fixed Memory Leak in Mqtt (#1273).
- Updated Spiffs code to version 0.3.7 + fixes (##1246).

And much more. All merged PRs in this release can be seen from [here](

Backwards-incompatible changes

- Changed the order of Wire.begin and Wire.pins parameters to match the Arduino order (#1193).

For a complete list of changes run the following command:

git log 3.3.0..3.4.0

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this release happen.
Nov 06 2017 13:38
Does it include SDK2.1.0++ compatibility ?
Nov 06 2017 13:40
No, this will be the main focus for the next release.
The problem with SDK 2.1.0 is that it has incompatible (probably wrong) definitions for some core functions like ets_delay_us.
You can try the code from this PR #1264 which is still work in progress.
Meaning - don't use it in your production code ;)
Nov 06 2017 15:58
Hi there, after a long time a\ve modified my program, but NOT touching anything network/www/WiFi related. And I get regular reboots, on serial console I can see:

``00:11:30,T test.1= 22.64C,T test.2= 22.50C, test.3= 22.50C, test.4= 24.06C,Alarm:-----,PWM: -%,D- lll��r�l򌒌�timeout updating: 70 -> 65535
Server timeout updating: 40 -> 90
timeout updating: 70 -> 65535
fs.start: size:3768 Kb, offset:0x4e000

mount res: 0

Wersja 3.4 2017-05-31 (ESP8266)

00:00:01,T test.1= 22.62C,T test.2= 2.25C, test.3= 22.50C, test.4= 24.12C,Alarm:-----,PWM: -%,D-

What should I look for?
Nov 06 2017 18:25
Did not change version of Sming (develop) and SDK, not a power problem, now 3.3V and 5V blocked with 1000uF
Nov 06 2017 20:32
isn't 1000uF to much?
Nov 06 2017 20:34
it is still flickering LCD backlight, but previously there were no additional capacitors
moreover my program version from may seems work ok
what is this error message about?
Nov 06 2017 21:47
I finlly managed to compile, but after flashing I get:
Fatal exception (28): 
epc1=0x4000228b, epc2=0x00000000, epc3=0x00000000, excvaddr=0x000000b5, depc=0x00000000
WTF? My routine thar is invoked by HARDWARE_TIMER has IRAM_ATTR
Nov 06 2017 22:02
found on github that it is overlapping solution, and true, @0x000 block is larger than A000, what is the solution?
Nov 06 2017 22:42
what is lowest version of Sming permitting to use HARDWARE_TIMER?