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Nov 2017
Nov 08 2017 10:24

Ok. I can check this on a real device after too weeks, the earliest. Therefore can you please create an issue with the whole information.

@bbourdel I checked the example with HTTP against and it worked as expected. Here is a shortened log of it . I tried using HTTPS against this server but it did not work due to the fact that the SSL packet size is bigger than the one that the ESP can handle. Therefore I changed the base URL from to and things worked as expected.
The only thing that I have different from the develop branch is the fact that I have reverted that commit SmingHub/Sming@ed94fb7

Nov 08 2017 11:45

Hi, I'm facing strange behavior with serial callback.

@ericogr Can you check if your problem is related to this SmingHub/Sming#1279 ?

Nov 08 2017 13:46
@slaff Perfect !!!
√Črico GR
Nov 08 2017 14:36
No @slaff I compiled all with the latest develop branch (89ac9a7) but the issue persists. Suddenly ESP hangs and wdt reset without stack trace. Now I'm using a kind of pooling to get serial data :worried: