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Dec 2017
Dec 25 2017 19:40
Before I try to install it again, doesn anyone know if the chocolate-sming-thing works by now? I tried it 6 month back and then it was apparently based on old sources and no longer supported by anyone
Dec 25 2017 21:55
@maerf I tried to install chocloatey-sming to a fresh Windows 10 instance and it failed. I have not had any success with choco on the many times I have tried.
I have got Cygwin working but it breaks the chocolatey install in AppVeyor so the PR won't be accepted yet. I am trying to fix that but there are all sorts of issues with the Windows build that I am finding. It is a pain to try to support different Windows build environments and different build scripts (Makefile-project / Makefile-rboot) when there are many divergences. It would be better if we could converge much of this (as tried several times in the past) to ease support.