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Dec 2017
Dec 31 2017 14:03
@riban-bw I appreciate your work on this. I don't have nearly enough knowledge to understand the chocolatey build process so I can't really contribute, even though I'd like to. I notice this page with says the package is from 2015 , which is not good I guess.
Dec 31 2017 14:05
@maerf I have created packages for several host environments. I am just testing them. The idea is to make it (very) easy to install and start using Sming without the overhead (and headache) of having to compile it all first, i.e. install Sming and start creating projects.
I will post here when it is available - almost there but I have to do some more DIY today so may be delayed. LIFE!
Dec 31 2017 14:06
Ok don't blow your fingers off :D