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Jan 2018
Jan 05 2018 04:14 UTC
@riban-bw You may be interested (or not) - I use the WLS ( Windows Linux Subsystem) on Windows 10. To run make, I just use the command line script m.cmd which invokes bash thus: bash -c ".", where has a few lines that export some variables and runs make. It works quite well for my purposes; I have been thinking of sharing the technique but didnt get around to it. Like others, the chocolately thing didnt work for me.
Jan 05 2018 08:42 UTC
@frankdownunder The Windows machine I (am forced to) use is Windows 7 so I can't benefit from WLS but am interested to hear more. It would be interesting to see if my script works in WLS -almost certainly not but I may investigate this. My kids have Windows 10 machines I may commandeer 😀.
Jan 05 2018 11:48 UTC
WSL is only available for 64-bit Windows 10 so I can't test with my daughter's 32-bit OS. Will have to try with my son's 64-bit OS...