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Mar 2018
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Mar 22 2018 14:28

@slaff time to complain :) joking.. just my not so good observation from porting my app from older sming, something pre http new stuff to recent sming.. in both cases Sming was compiled with esp sdk 2.0. so
new sming - pre everything 27472 just connected to AP 25680 stabilized free heap 17704
old sming - pre everything 32048 just connected to AP 30320 stabilized free heap 28624
pre everything - app starts, basic initialisation
just connected to AP - app connects to preconfigured AP
stabilized free heap - let run app for some time and when free heap stop change make a shot

This is relatively complex app with http server + http client + websockets. app itself is the same, just modify to support new sming, no other changes to app itself. so ther is great memory loss in newer Sming :( is it known issue? should we try to decrease memory usage of new Sming? Does this caused by new http stuff?