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Mar 2018
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Mar 28 2018 15:12
@slaff At last force my app to work with new Sming. Need Either stop using Vector<OnStateChange> _onChange;// = Vector<OnStateChange>(0,1); to shrink Vector to 0 elements initialy, it worked on old Sming, but with new Sming + new -mforce-l32 capable compiler it stops work properly, if I change it to Vector<OnStateChange> _onChange;// = Vector<OnStateChange>(1,1); all begins to work properly. I also check if I can use std::vector for this - it works! Even with lesser memory usage. BUT! :( Memory usage of new sming compiled with mforce-l32 compiller is almost 10k greater for my app :( Sad news... At startup time it about 3k-4k greater, but when there are some clients connected it 10k greater...
@all why we do not use std::vector in Sming internals? is there some drawbacks ?