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Apr 2018
Apr 12 2018 06:57
@riban-bw We should fix that inconsistency. Can you tell me which samples are without .project + .cproject ?
Apr 12 2018 07:32
@slaff Missing .cproject: Basic_Ssl. Missing both: .project: Basic_APA102, Gesture_APDS-9960, IR_lib, ScreenTFT_ST7735.
Are these Eclipse project files? Do they set up Eclipse completely or is there a guide to using them? What is the rationale for including these project files and not others? e.g. Do we support using Sming in this IDE but not others where YMMV. (I tend to use Code::Blocks IDE.)
Apr 12 2018 07:49
Wiki has description of integrating CLion and MS Visual Studio Code but not Eclipse. I just tried opening a .project file in Eclipse Mars but that doesn't seem to be enough. If we keep the .project and .cproject files then we should explain how to use them :-).