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Jun 2018
Jun 08 2018 13:20
@riban-bw Can you proof-read the current README ( and make a PR with corrections?
Jun 08 2018 15:37
@/all The release of v.3.6.0 is planned for end of next week ( Take your time and test the current develop branch.
The next v.3.6.1 will be focused on coding styles rules and tools to follow them which will result in a moderate-to-big-but-not-massive amount of source code changes.
Jun 08 2018 17:53
@slaff Looking at README now. Wondering if the supported versions of SDK is accurate. It currently says, 1.4, 1.5 and 2.0. Do / should we continue to support all these and do we support later versions?
And should we include FreeBSD when the table says it is not supported?