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Oct 2018
Oct 07 2018 21:09

@slaff I tried wrapping my strings in F(....) but it seemed to make no difference - where should I be looking to notice a difference? In any of these numbers? or at runtime?

  data|        Initialized Data (RAM)|    3FFE8000|    3FFE8899|    2201
rodata|           ReadOnly Data (RAM)|    3FFE88A0|    3FFEBA1C|   12668
   bss|      Uninitialized Data (RAM)|    3FFEBA20|    3FFF4608|   35816
  text|            Cached Code (IRAM)|    40100000|    40106958|   26968

irom0_text| Uncached Code (SPI)| 40202010| 4026C8FA| 436458
Total Used RAM : 50685
Free RAM : 31235
Free IRam : 5818