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Oct 2018
Oct 08 2018 08:01

@frankdownunder Do the following

git checkout develop
git pull
make dist-clean
# if there are some reports that 'X.d' file cannot be discovered then do also
# find . -name '*.d' | xargs rm
# and then rerun: make dist-clean

# go to your favorite example or application ...
# example: cd ../samples/HttpClient/ 

And compare with previous version. In my case I got around 4K more heap for my complex application.

The place to look is
Free RAM : 31235
Free IRam : 5818
Free RAM should go up and free IRAM might go up just a notch.
Oct 08 2018 11:23
OK. Will extra free RAM show up if I just do a few of the strings in my own application? or do I need to do a bunch of them before noticing a difference?
Oct 08 2018 14:22
The more constant data you do, as strings, the better it gets. But even without changes to your own application you should see an improvement because Sming itself improved and there should be more free heap by default.