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Oct 2018
Curtis Pope
Oct 17 2018 13:53
hey guys...I just wanted to drop in and say good job on all of the new work! I have been following all of the updates on github and it looks like some really awesome improvements coming. My app is REALLY out of date and I'm planning on updating it at some point to fix some stability problems. My development time has been shifted to other areas of my project lately and I haven't had much time to work on my embedded code since it is relatively stable at this point. Anyways, @slaff and @mikee47 awesome work!!!
Oct 17 2018 16:35
@piperpilot Thanks for the kind words. Mike is our new secret superman :) Back to migration: As a start you can look at the release notes and search for migration, deprecated or backwards for hints.
The internal changes are a lot but the migration impact should be low to middle.