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Dec 2018
Dec 18 2018 08:12
Anyone have any hints on how to open the main library project in Eclipse? I managed it once but don't remember how. Each time I try to open it I get nothing. I can open the samples okay but not $SMING_HOME/.project.
Dec 18 2018 10:20
Curious, I've never had an issue with that. I use eclipse under Windows, just did regular import. It's not something funky like working sets, is it?
Dec 18 2018 11:44
File -> Import -> General:Existing project into Workspace.
Dec 18 2018 12:24
Thanks @slaff. Funny how I can use File->Open Projects from File System to add the projects but must use Import to add the library project. One of many reasons that I have failed to migrate to Eclipse on many attempts. It just isn't intuitive to me. It is bad that it takes me days to get Eclipse working when I can get other IDEs working in a matter of minutes :(