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Dec 2018
Curtis Pope
Dec 27 2018 01:17
/all Hey everyone, I have recently encountered some users of my device having continued problems doing the initial WiFi connection. I am still using SDK 2.0 and I hear that there are some good improvements with SDK 3.0, especially around connecting to some types of APs. Can anyone confirm that? Is the 3.0 support within SMING pretty stable? I am still using a really old version of SMING, so it will be a significant change to switch over, so want to make sure it is worth it before I start the work. Thanks in advance!
Dec 27 2018 08:56

Is the 3.0 support within SMING pretty stable?

It is not thoroughly tested but it behaves much better than SDK. 2.0.

having continued problems doing the initial WiFi connection

That is something happening with SDK > 2.0 and < 3.0. From the 2 series we support only SDK 2.0.

Curtis Pope
Dec 27 2018 14:57
@slaff yeah, I was on v2.0 SDK for a long time. Got everything to compile last night, still a few things to work out and a LOT of testing to do. One thing I haven't been able to find yet.... I was using the following call: Serial.resetCallback(); I think I was using it to turn off serial receive processing while doing some serial intensive operations that couldn't be interrupted by incoming data (OTA and Bootloading a PIC). Is there a logical replacement to that command?
Curtis Pope
Dec 27 2018 16:22
thanks @mikee47 I'll take a look. I probably need to rewrite some of my serial handling based on the new methods, etc. I did my own circular buffer in the past because there wasn't one, I see some stuff there now for that.
Dec 27 2018 16:24
The additions are to the core driver functions, so if you need something a bit more advanced than HardwareSerial can offer just use uart_XXX calls directly.
Curtis Pope
Dec 27 2018 16:26
OK, looks like I have some investigation to do. Serial com is a core function of my ESP talks to a PIC micro which handles all of the lower level logic. The Serial com has to be pretty solid. On first look, my routines seemed to be working, but I haven't fully tested them yet.