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Jan 2019
Jan 04 07:07
3.7. might have some issues at the moment.
I did a checkout of 3.6.0, built and ran my app OK. Then I did and again it ran OK.
But 3.7.0 not so good, I check the console in Chrome and I get "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH". My code looks like this:
void onAJAX_state(HttpRequest &request, HttpResponse &response)
JsonObjectStream* stream = new JsonObjectStream();
JsonObject& json = stream->getRoot();
json[_F("counter")] = counter;
. . .
response.sendDataStream(stream, MIME_JSON);
I note that the code for the headers have been separated off into a new source file, but Im not sure what to invetigate next.
Jan 04 08:38
@frankdownunder Try to start Wireshark on your PC where Chrome is running and sniff the HTTP traffic to see what is happening. We had recently issues with non-standard HTTP headers which is already fixed.
Curtis Pope
Jan 04 17:41
hey @slaff did you see my messages above about the issues with success = wifi_station_set_config(&config); ? Any idea what might be going on?