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Jan 2019
Sven Lübke
Jan 05 10:47
Hey! SDK 2.1.0 should be supported with the current master, right? Right after "make" I get the "lwip/core/dhcp.c:676:52: error: too many arguments to function 'pvPortMalloc'" error. With SDK3.1.0 I get errors regarding the absence of file "xtensa/corebits.h" which is compiled and included from Sming/gdb. Any ideas? Am I the only one? Thank you!
Mike G
Jan 05 13:49
@slaff hello slaff, i saw in the closed issues, that you can debug with eclipse CDT. Do you have any guide for me how to do this? Ive tried this guide
but i always getting the error symbols could not be resolved