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Jan 2019
Mike G
Jan 17 16:20

Hello again :)
today i am trying out the HTTPS feature and i am getting a weird error. I am trying to send a HTTPS GET request to my webserver or to "" and the certificate is always expired, everything else is the same. like here:
but the certificate on the site tells me this:
issued on wednesday, 9. Januar 2019 at 00:16:03
expire date tuesday, 9. April 2019 at 01:16:03

Anyone had this issue before?

Jan 17 17:20
If you compare dates I guess you already set the correct time ( via SNTP), right?
Mike G
Jan 17 17:25
@slaff no, i didnt set the correct time, that could be a thing, . I just compiled sming with ssl_enable 1 and got this.
The error is from axtls's x509.c file.
Mike G
Jan 17 18:16
btw i am running the Basic_rBoot sample