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Mar 2016
Sundarram P.V. (PVS)
Mar 13 2016 04:10
I am trying to use mimick (btw, thanks for creating it). I am trying to use it in my project for mocking functions that i have created (other than library functions).
It is along the lines of project
I get this error when I try and run the test: ~/Mimick/src/mimick.c:96: Assertion failed: off != NULL
Am I using mimick the right way?
Franklin Mathieu
Mar 13 2016 07:00
@pvsundarram my_fn needs to be inside a shared library -- see the strdup example for a complete example.
(Also, as a heads up, I'd recommend against using Mimick for anything serious right now -- the API ought to change until 1.0 is released.)
Sundarram P.V. (PVS)
Mar 13 2016 10:26
oh okay. Didn't realise that. Thanks for your help.