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Mar 2016
Franklin Mathieu
Mar 20 2016 12:20
So, I was able to track down why the bug is happenning
this happens because write(2) is atomic only if the input data is less than the size of the pipe buffer
fixing this would require me to rewrite the I/O layer, so I can't fix this for a patch
and the current bleeding branch doesn't have the issue anyways
Mar 20 2016 13:29
You could change the way, the message is created. 'First diff is in line XYZ' and maybe show the string around that line.
Anyway, is there a date, when bleeding is becoming stable?
Franklin Mathieu
Mar 20 2016 13:30
This wouldn't really fix the underlying problem, because statistics should get the full payload
as for bleeding, I'm still considering what needs to be done, since there are a few issues with nanomsg currently
the projects doesn't have any maintainer, so any issues down the line with the library will have to be my responsibility
I'm considering rewriting my own I/O library for that purpose, but I don't really want to lose months on it either
(and even less so if nanomsg is still a near perfect fit and quite stable.)