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Apr 2017
Apr 27 2017 09:23
Hello Franklin
Is it possible to compile Criterion for 32 bit windows platform using MINGW gcc?
In the releases folder I find binaries for 64bit platforms only
Franklin Mathieu
Apr 27 2017 19:46
@cgianlu72_twitter Yes, but rather than Mingw, it would be Mingw32-w64 (The regular Mingw is too buggy to be usable)
You'd have to provide a cross-compilation toolchain file to cmake
Here's an example of what I use from linux to cross-compile to mingw64:
you can probably adapt this to your needs
(either change the compiler to a 32-bit compiler, or stuff a -m32 somewhere; both approach usually work)
Franklin Mathieu
Apr 27 2017 19:51
Also note that if you're doing that from something other than cygwin or msys2 (or use a cmake installation from C:/Program Files) you might need something along the following lines:
    set(CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH "C:/msys64/mingw${BITS}" "C:/msys64/mingw${BITS}/${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR}-w64-mingw32")
    set(ENV{PATH} "C:\\msys64\\mingw${BITS}\\bin;C:\\msys64\\mingw${BITS}\\${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR}-w64-mingw32\\bin;$ENV{PATH}")
(where "${BITS}" should be replaced by 32)