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Aug 2017
Aug 08 2017 13:21
Hello! I'm trying to
I'm trying compile a test project on windows
I'm using msvc from cmd directly, but the linker fails with "entry poibt must be defined"
This is for samples/simple.c from the repo.
This is the cmd I' tryibg to run: /I"<path to criterion headers>" .\simple.c /link "path to criterion.lib"
For some reason it stripped the cl from my message above. Should read: cl /I"<path to..."...
Aug 08 2017 13:26
Am I holding the compiler wrong? Any help would be appreciated
Aug 08 2017 13:39
Relevant: I'm using v19.00.24215.1 (x64) and the latest msvc binary of criterion (2.3.2)