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Jan 2016
Daniell Mesquita
Jan 25 2016 03:12
Hi @rlamana :D
Can you hear more about Modern BIOS (DCRS) and Modern OS (future Modern WS/iWS) ?
Daniell Mesquita
Jan 25 2016 03:18

i'm hiring C developers to make an big BIOS project (DCRS)
Too I'm developing Modern OS and Modern Browser, too evolutions for this platform.
Modern BIOS and Modern OS projects (DCRS and Modern WS - future nomeclature) Modern BIOS and Modern OS projects (DCRS and Modern WS - future nomeclature)
Modern WS

I'll fund on an crowdfunding platform to hire developers to program the BIOS Kernel of DCRS
Will be an normal BIOS in structure, with difference: the BIOS won't close, will keep openned with a Linux Kernel for running HTML5 operating systems
In other words, DCRS not an BIOS, but an Operating System

HTML5 OS for DCRS are WS (Work Systems)
And the multiple desktops, Work Ambients
OS > WS > WA
Are you readed the of DCRS and Modern OS?
Is an incredible project and inevitable revolution on how we use software on hardware.
The Modern OS will be like Linux on this point: will be open-source and an needed CORE for use on custom operating systems (modern operating systems for DCRS)

One of most nice features, is the possibility to hibern an OS an go to other.
Running multi-OS at same time.
An the DCRS scanning all devices for multi-boot, evolution of dualboot managed by operating systems or boot managers like Grub.
The multiboot will perform scan in all devices instead of one-selected.
And in the propen DCRS instead the need to use boot-managers or OS like Windows 8/10.
I need divulgation on this project and developers engaged.
This will be usefull for some operating systems, like Screens, Altaica, Tizen, Chrome OS and Firefox OS.
Too, DCRS will have her own OS Store.
An company will can create your own HDMI Stick with DCRS, and user will can easily access the OS Store and download your preferred OS to use;

My plans is use multiple APIs for Universal Apps.
Firefox OS, Chrome OS, Cordova and NW.js APIS.
I will start developing the windowing system.
My plans for Modern OS is run on operating systems, DCRS and browsers.
Other plan is use an modified Linux for conventional BIOS using DCRS technology running Modern OS.
But Modern OS will can run only online in Browsers, because using HTTP request for load .app (ZIP) files.
The plan is DCRS "Modern BIOS" running on watchs, phones, tablets, notebooks, PCs, TVs and all other possible devices with screen for IoT.
Other idea is engage XDA Developers to make custom Android ROMs/Flash using DCRS technologyes.

The SOFTWARE concept are needing this.
Our hardwares need.
HTML5 need.
All the 3 favorite web languages need this.
With one code, people will can publish the same apps on various platforms, such as Modern OS.
Modern OS is an template, like the Linux Kernel. Only CORE updates will go to custom operating systems based on Modern OS.
Modern OS is open to create the own OS and FREE, and I'm developing an PRO OS to be forked when Modern OS already.
@rlamana What do you think about?