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Feb 2016
Lea Verou
Feb 08 2016 01:14
Stop spamming people!!!
The Jared Wilcurt
Feb 08 2016 01:42
Feb 08 2016 05:56
Please don't invite people to your project who you don't know and who have not shown any interest in this sort of project. I do not want to be a part of it, and it sounds like several others you have invited do not either.
Maciej Kumorek
Feb 08 2016 19:08
1) Stop spamming, as above
2) I think you're misunderstanding the "problem", I'd suggest to learn about virtualization and hypervisors, I mean, how would you even deal with shared hardware access... these problems were solved already. And why is it called .js?
Thanks, but I am out.